Packaging solutions for furniture.
Before partnering with Panotec, Porro packed everything manually. 6 or 7 operators cut cardboard to the size of each piece that needed to be packed. Panotec designed a semi-automatic packing system that allowed Porro to have right size boxes for every product.
Panotec’s Box On Demand machine is able to produce boxes at the moment they’re needed. This has helped Porro reduce packing times and eliminate extra cardboard storage in their warehouse, since they no longer have to buy pre-cut boxes or sheets of cardboard. Thanks to the BOD system they can now make any size or style box, and they were able to double their production capacity with the same number of staff, because of the improved packaging quality.
Today Porro Industria Mobili counts on the cooperation of more than 100 employees and over 600 retailers across the globe, with exports account for 50% of turnover.

Panotec solution

"Thanks to Panotec we doubled up our capacity with the same number of staff but with packaging quality that is decidedly the right level for our product"
Edmondo Caspani – Logistic manager, Porro Industria Mobili

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