Panotec QBOX is a volume optimization software that calculates the best position of items, that must be packed together in one or more boxes, based on a specific picking order.
Qbox, was developed in collaboration with the University of Padua. The software uses an algorithm to analyse and to display the best combinations of product positioning inside the right-sized box.
Qbox receives the order data from the customer via WMS with the list of items to be shipped, it analyses the volume of each item on the picking list and calculates the right-sized box for shipping. The software then shares the data required to produce the right-sized box with the packaging machine.

Available in two versions:
- CLOUD: a specific website accessed by using your login data available for an annual fee
-  STAND ALONE: QBOX is installed and set up locally at the customer’s facility with the required HW.


•  Costs reduction: optimizing the box reduces cardboard waste and shipping volumes
•  No filling material needed
•  Lower quota of transport damages thanks to a better positioning of the most fragile products
•  Efficiency: creates the right-sized box for shipping and sends production data to the machine
•  Interface: easy and user-friendly with 3D animation
•  Implementation with customer order management system
•  Recommended for companies that ship several items in one single box

Operating Modes

Best Fit

Qbox best fit

The Best Fit level calculates the smallest and most suitable box for shipping and shows how to arrange the items inside the box

Best Select

Qbox best select

Best Select indicates the most suitable box for shipping based on the different boxes types available

Qbox screenshot


•  Enter several items
•  Set or lock the turn function 
•  Set mandatory parameters for the positioning of some products (e.g.: for fragile products it is possible to set “not on the bottom” as position parameter)
•  Set the position and direction of the items 
•  Set maximum weight and dimensions for the single parcels

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