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Opera meets the specific needs to cut production costs and reduce our carbon footprint. It is the only packaging line able to automatically fit a custom box around any item while at the same time providing very high-performance levels.
Compact and fully automated, Opera provides custom packaging of single products or multi-item orders within seconds.

Thanks to the patented and innovative box design, Opera offers high- level protection for the packaged items during handling and transport.

  • High productivity and no waste of cardboard
    High productivity and no waste of cardboard
  • Unique, patented packaging
    Unique, patented packaging
  • A fit-to-size box for single items / multiple items
    A fit-to-size box for single items / multiple items
  • High levels of protection thanks to reinforced corners
    High levels of protection thanks to reinforced corners
  • The invoice is attached and labels are applied automatically
    The invoice is attached and labels are applied automatically
  • Small footprint
    Small footprint

Technical features

  • 15 mt
  • 2,5 mt
  • 2,5 mt
  • 600mm (L) / 500mm (W) / 440mm (H)
  • 200mm (L) / 150mm (W) / 50mm (H)
  • 13pcs / min
  • fanfold - 2 sizes: 400mm (min) to 600mm (max)
  • Single wave “B” – 3mm thick
  • Automatic cardboard feeder: reduces Cardboard waste to a minimum
  • Total waste recycling

Main Features of the Packaging Line

Main Features of the Packaging Line

1. Item measuring and alignment station

The items are positioned on the line by the operator, by means of a conveyor belt or a robot. Once in place, they are scanned and measured. The system sends the dimensions of the product to the next station, where the custom-made box is produced.
To optimize cardboard consumption, the machine uses only 2 widths of fanfold to produce the full range of box sizes.

2. Box production

On this workstation the right sized box is produced.
Thanks to the unique design of the box the packaging is very solid and the items inside the box cannot move around or be accidentally damaged. The tailor-made box allows you to optimize the consumption of cardboard and avoid the use of void fillers.

3. Coupling station

The items and invoice are automatically positioned on the reinforced bottom of the box.

4. Closing station

The box is wrapped around the contents on all four sides, regardless of the shape of the objects.

Patented by Panotec, the box has been designed with the aim of creating a special reinforcement at the four corners to provide a high level of protection of the items during transport. This protection is guaranteed even in case of boxes overlapping.

Thanks to the innovative production technology of the line, the fit-to-size box is produced with as little cardboard as possible.

Weighting system, check on weight
At the weighting station it is possible to check whether the weight of the package respects the limits values as required by the customer and/or the relevant standards currently in force. 

Outfeed system, check on non-conforming products
The line has an outfeed system via which items that do not comply with specific requirements in terms of size and/or weight slide out of the packaging line.

Barcode scanner, 2 scan options
AUTOMATIC: The item runs through an omni-directional tunnel in which the Barcode is automatically scanned
MANUAL: The operator scans the bar code before the items enter the production line

Software QBOXTM, Order Management of Multiple Items
The QBOXTM system suggests to the operator, on a special screen, how to correctly position the items inside the box, in order to optimize space and volume. 
The positioning of the items can be performed by an operator or automatically using a robotic arm.
It is also possible to create a mechanical and software set-up to prepare orders with several items, which can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Label printing and invoice for a complete packaging process
The line is equipped with a labelling machine that applies the shipping label on the box. In addition, the invoice can be placed inside the packaging automatically.


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