Gluing and Closing

Simple, fast and flexible systems that can be perfectly integrated into the Packaging on Demand process by communicating with the Panotec packaging machines and providing immediate solutions for all format requirements.


They are modular stations to glue corrugated cardboard boxes.
by gluing the flaps of the open box.
American boxes (FEFCO 200), typically made of a single piece and equipped with upper and lower flaps, and the series of wrap-around boxes (FEFCO 400) usually require this type of gluing.

Panotec offers a full range of gluing systems designed not only for box manufacturers but also for companies that would like to automate the packaging process.
They can also be integrated with packaging machines to ensure even faster and more efficient packaging.


Panotec offers an automated solution for all companies that need to glue and close boxes automatically and quickly.
The machine handles box formats of the FEFCO 400 series.

Once the products are fitted into the boxes, the outer top flaps are first glued and then closed. The packages coming out of this line can then be palletized and dispatched.