High-level Technology for Packaging on Demand

New Compack combines technology and savings. A perfect tool for companies that need to produce medium to small batches or a small number of boxes. The machine is easy to operate and features the reliability of Panotec Systems.

Suitable for:

- small to medium-sized enterprises
- need for low-medium productivity levels
- more than 2 boxes per minute
- production of small batches or in flexibility (batch size 1)

Technical features

  • 2,5 mt
  • medium
  • more than 2 / min
  • 0-500 gg
  • 0-1000 gg
  • suitable for simple boxes
  • Min 400 Max 2500 mm
  • 40m / min
  • fanfold / sheets
  • up to 4 stacks of fanfold
  • 1 to 12
  • standard
  • not available
  • 2 mm to 7 mm
  • 420 mm
  • 3-4 kW
  • 400V / 50Hz (Europe) - 480V / 60Hz (USA)
  • min 6-7 bar (max consumption 115 Nl/min)
  • Boxlink PRO go to software
  • Not available


New Compack has 1 transversal unit and up to 12 longitudinal units. Each unit can be equipped with different types of tools and sets up automatically.

transversal unit
Groove cut
Standard Creasing

longitudinal units
Pressure cut
Standard Creasing

The control terminal is detached from the machine and installed on a structure equipped with wheels. The movable support can be positioned as required by the operator. The computer included is an industrial PC, suitable to be used in working environments subject to temperature changes, high levels of humidity, dust and corrosion.

New Compack is available in 3 versions. By using the cardboard lifter, the machine choses, the most suitable cardboard width available in order to optimize cardboard consumption.

The machine can work with single cardboard sheets (F) or with one fanfold stack (1CL) or with both. Dimensions of the cardboard: max. 2500, min. 480mm.

Multiple: 2 widths side by side
With this configuration you can use 2 to 3 fanfolds side by side (SbS).

Automatic cardboard lifter (2 to 4 levels)
New Compack can be equipped with 2 (2CL) to 4 (4CL) cassettes for fanfold storage, in each cassette 2 fanfolds can be stored side by side (SbS) thus doubling the available fanfolds (max. 8).


Made-to-measure and solid packaging for every type of product

The cardboard boxes produced by a Panotec machine are TAILOR MADE: they fit every item perfectly.

This type of packaging prevents the items to shift during handling operations and provides protection during transport without using void fillers made of plastic. In this way, the number of returns due to transport damage can be reduced and less material and space are wasted, which has a significant impact on the quality perceived by the customer and customer satisfaction.


More than 60 box designs available

Depending on production needs and product features, our machines can produce a wide selection of standard or special box formats, that we desing together with the customer.

Some of the most common box formats:


Boxes with flaps:
Series 200 (FEFCO 200, 201, 202, 203, 212)


Series 300
(FEFCO 300, 301, 306, 310, 312, 314)


Foldable Boxes and Trays
Series 400 (FEFCO 401, 403, 405, 409, 410, 411, 415, 427, 454)

Request our Parametric Boxes Catalog to find out more about all the types of boxes our machines can produce.

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