Packaging solutions for Doors, Shower Box and Profiles.
Erkelenz was founded in 1994, and provides custom doors and sliding doors made from many elements including wood, glass and aluminum. They also produce dividing walls for showers. Since their products are very variable and have many different shapes and sizes they had a lot of difficulties with packing. Many products were packed in boxes that didn’t fit to their size and the boxes were frequently adapted or cut to size.
Before using a Panotec solution, their packing area took up 350 sqm. Now, with their Panotec Nextmode machine, they have reduce their packing area to 70sqm.
With Box On Demand Erkelenz is able to:
- produce custom packaging for each of their products
- have a cleaner packaging appearance and a sharper image for all their products
- save time packing since each product has a well-designed box.

Panotec solution

"Since we have had a Panotec machine here we have been able to pack our products in custom packaging, with a cleaner packaging aspect and a sharper image for all our products. We would by another Panotec machine because the product has convinced us!"
Mr. Uwe Erkelenz, CEO – Erkelenz Turen

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