Automatic packaging line

A packaging line is a set of automatic stations that carry out all the activities necessary for the packaging of products: from size detection of the items and production of the custom box, to box-product coupling, gluing and closing of the packaging.




Our offer is aimed at online retailers, logistics companies and all those companies that ship high volumes of products in different sizes on a daily basis and need to speed up and optimize their packaging process.
Thanks to high production capacity, it is also the perfect solution to handle high seasonal peaks.

By implementing a Panotec System, online retail businesses don't have to rely on suppliers anymore and can significantly reduce both fixed and management costs, make substantial savings on material purchases and focus on environmental sustainability.

Choosing a line for the production of customized and environmentally friendly boxes will become a win-win strategy for all businesses striving to strengthen not only their turnover but also their reputation on the market by focusing on environmental sustainability and customer experience.


Thanks to this innovative packaging system, you can pack any product much faster and in an environmentally sustainable way, achieving savings on operating costs and material purchases of

up to 40%.

A focus on cost reduction without letting productivity down:
the automatic packaging line of Panotec guarantees a throughput of

up to 900 boxes per hour.

This system has a "green" footprint, it cuts down on oversized boxes and drastically reduces packaging waste and harmful void fillers that are usually stuffed into the box to fill the empty gaps.

Choosing a Panotec packaging line means:


To optimize human resources and production costs


To keep up a steady and streamlined production flow


To pack products in a totally flexible way


To improve customer experience


To adopt a sustainable solution