Dipod is the evolution of the custom printing system

DI-POD is a modular system for printing on the packaging in high resolution.

It can be connected to a packaging machine and the customer can produce boxes in different sizes and formats printing in high definition at the same time without interrupting the production process. 

Moreover, this version is equipped with an innovative automatic self-cleaning system, so that the operator does not waste time on daily maintenance operations.

Possible types of printing

With this system it is possible to print:

- barcodes
- numbers
- images
- icons 
- shipping labels

Further printing options

- option to print labels and managing different data fields (sender, address, tracking number, etc.)

- the different images can be positioned, previewed and variable fields can be edited using the drag and drop function




Technical features

  • available
  • up to 300 mm / sec
  • max. 3000 mm
  • no limit for the printing on the outside of the box
  • Evo, Nextpro
  • 1 - 2
  • up to 2 for each transversal axis
    (max. 4 on one station)
  • 140 / 280 mm
  • 180 Dpi
  • oil based, quick dry
  • standard: black
    optional: other colours
  • The same print unit can print different images by repositioning itself after having printed an image


DI-POD is equipped with an innovative self-cleaning system that keeps the print heads constantly clear of dust and ink residues, thus ensuring correct functioning and increasing the lifetime of the printer.

The automatic cleaning system is splitted into 200 cleaning cycles for each printing unit (roll length 40 m) and each cycle lasts about 5 seconds.

DI-POD has a dual motorization system for the box infeed and outfeed. This also makes it possible to print boxes that are shorter than 600mm (min 420mm) and to print on the rearn end of the box as well.


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