Packaging Machines

Panotec has designed the packaging machine with indisputable technological expertise. The machine produces customized boxes for the packaging of items. It is possible to pack single items or multiple items in one box.
According to the actual sizes of the items the boxes can be produced in different sizes and just-in-time.


What we offer

The wide range of machines we offer satisfies a wide range of needs in terms of production and space. Every detail and every optional is designed with mechanical expertise, the distinctive hallmark of Panotec. The latest technology and high quality components ensure reliability and long-term performance with minimum service requirements.


Excellent Performance

High Speed and Productivity

Speed and Productivity

Who is our target customer?

Our machines are particularly interesting for businesses that deal with products in different shapes and sizes (high output) and therefore need different and customized boxes.

In flexible production and packaging processes ( batch size 1) for packaged items of different sizes, Panotec machines take center stage, as they can produce boxes just-in-time and in the right size.

Panotec's flexible packaging system has already been implemented in many production environments, from the furniture industry to E-Commerce, shower stalls or in the automotive industry and in digital printing, by renowned companies such as Denso, Philips, Stosa Cucine and many others.

How can a custom system support your business?

With Panotec Systems, you can protect and give more value to everything you package and ship.
No more bulky boxes, no use of environmentally polluting void fillers (bubble wrap and plastic pads), no more damaged products, and most importantly, no more capital tied up in stock for unsuitable packaging. Panotec gives you the chance to have 100% "responsible" and environmentally friendly packaging.


Faster processes and optimization of stock management


Flexible packaging management


Cutting costs


No additional costs for filling material


Environmentally friendly