LIGNA 2019

Hannover - Germany-27th - 31st May 2019

Ligna Hannover, Germany.

Panotec has concluded this edition of Ligna 2019 in a very positive and proactive way, which makes us look forward to the next edition! More than 100 companies had the pleasure to visit our stand and see the innovative packaging machine model EVO.  Combined with the tailor-made printing system, Print On Demand, this solution for custom packaging was appreciated by many, the quality of the packaging and high definition printing met even the highest expectations.

Hundreds of visitors!

We had the pleasure of meeting new companies from all over the world, Germany, Russia, China, Colombia, Australia, etc. But also, to meet many of our esteemed customers, such as Gente Meubles, Woodland, Muebles Dica and many others. The trust and appreciation that we enjoy from our customers in these occasions, give proof of the constant care and attention Panotec has been devoting to its customers for more than 30 years and the that our activities in terms of innovation and quality management are well worth the effort.

Relying on a Panotec packaging machine means providing your company with the best technology on the market for its packaging process. 30 years of experience is our hallmark and the feature that most distinguishes us in the field of high-quality mechanics.


From "Panotec Box On Demand" to "Panotec - Meccaniche Italiane".

Ligna was the most prestigious stage on which we were to present our products and their high-standard mechanics, which we have been expressing for some months now with our new payoff MECCANICHE ITALIANE which is also related to the new positioning of our brand. A brand that two years ago, on the occasion of the edition Ligna 2017, has been revised and revisited and has now become Panotec MECCANICHE ITALIANE, not least thanks to the interaction and strong feedback from all our visitors, for whom Panotec represents high-quality mechanics Made in Italy.