Packaging production management software

Production Management Software for EVO and NEXTPRO machines.

A user-friendly tool to manage production and all the advanced features Evo has to offer:
- pre-set and custom box formats
- customer box archive
- production lists to schedule production according to customer, product, time table etc.
- connection to the company network in order to manage production from your office or via your data management system.
- production reports, remote SQL queries, production data reports.

Available Plugins: QBOX, BoxDesigner and WEB REPORT

Operating Modes/ Features

Easy handling mode: enter only essential production data

Cardboard archive, each with its own optimized processing parameters for a simpler process and flawless fit-to-size boxes

3D preview: the standard 2D and 3D preview of the boxes includes an animated box closing process. This tool is useful when new or more complex box designs are being produced

Online support: associated to each alert notice. The alert details are displayed on the screen and a troubleshooting guide provides support information step by step

New colore coded index in order to identify the issues that need to be solved. Alerts are classified according to three priority levels

Multi-user: option for setting different access levels. 
The software supports four authentication levels basic, customer operator, Panotec operator, general administrator and therefore prevents non-authorized users from accessing advanced operating features 

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