PANOTEC潘诺特 Chinese website is finally online!

A further step into the Chinese market


This tool designed for Chinese users has the main goal to make surfing the web a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the world of packaging machines. Give us your feedbacks!

Last year we put into action the ambitious plan to enter into the flourishing Chinese market aiming at bringing the advantages of our solutions to all Chinese companies, always guaranteeing high quality and a cutting-edge technology.


Today we finally made a step ahead towards that milestone and Chinese users can now fully experience the great potential of Panotec and connect with us by using a direct channel!




这网站专门为中国使用者而设计, 目的是令使用者可随意浏览包装设备的世界, 同时又有一个舒适而愉快的体验。请给我们您的回馈! 

去年, 我们将计划转化为行动, 正式进入蓬勃发展的中国市场, 目标是将我们俱备优势的方案, 推广给所有中国公司, 为用户带来高技术及保证质量。


今天,我们终于朝着这个里程碑迈进了一步。中国用户现在可以从这网站充分体验Panotec的巨大潜力, 并通过正式渠道, 直接道与我们取得联系!