The new division for industrial automation


Panotec, a trailblazer in the on demand packaging industry, pools thirty years of professional know-how in a new division created to offer integrated automation solutions: PANOTEC AUTOMATION.


Two divisions, one team at your service
On demand packaging and automation are the solutions PANOTEC offers to meet customer needs in terms of productivity, savings and increased profitability.
The division MECCANICHE ITALIANE represents Panotec's core business: packaging machines for the production of on demand boxes – a hallmark of Italian Engineering.
Reliable machines, efficient systems, customer care and, above all, a direct impact on the customers work flow, are the key features of PANOTEC AUTOMATION, the new business unit created to provide high level Italian engineering and mechanics. This new division offers complete automation solutions, from the production of boxes on demand to the last operational process of the production flow.


The new Automation division was fostered by the Italian company Magnys. Panotec technology  has always been a major asset for the systems designed by Magnys and thanks to this successful alliance a new division was launched: PANOTEC AUTOMATION  to enhance operational synergy  and focus entirely on developing perfectly integrated solutions


All-round solutions for all industries
In a market that is undergoing constant changes, Panotec is the perfect partner for all needs in terms of flexible production management.
Panotec offers a wide range of solutions for different production industries such as furniture, logistics, e-commerce, automotive and many others; and renowned customers such as Novellini, Stosa, Lago, IKEA have benefited from efficient solutions provided by Panotec.


PANOTEC MECCANICHE ITALIANE - PANOTEC AUTOMATION: reliability, experience, excellence at your service.