Covid19: Safety measures

17 May updates


In compliance with new directives related to COVID-19 , Panotec introduced special measures to start again in total safety. 
The safety and well-being of our employees, partners and customers is of utmost priority for us and thus we are actively promoting smartworking, which has been progressively and successfully  adopted in order to deal with this emergency.
The safety measures are the following: 

Visits in Panotec:
People are allowed to access tot our premises only with an appointment, self-certification documentation, and with the obligation to wear masks inside the building. 

Goods Delivery and shipment
Delivery and shipment of goods will be guaranteed even if our staff's mobility is restricted and access of third parties on our premises is limited to the strictly necessary. The use of individual safety devices will be guaranteed during all activities.

Customer Support
Our customer service is operating as usual and our service staff will provide remote support as customary. To get in touch with our service team contact them by telephone at +39.0422.432715 or by sending a request in our dedicated service section.

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
For all customers who have scheduled FAT(Factory Acceptance Test) this month, we encourage the use of videocalls platforms for real-time supervision of the test. Upon  request we will allow clients to enter into the facility in order to join tests in accordance with the security protocol imposed by May 17 Dpcm.

Panotec staff